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April Newsletter

Saturday August 6 2011, Annual Rockford American Legion Riders Benefit Run.

Sign up 10am to 11am

$20.00 for single

$25.00 w/passenger




May Newsletter
May 2010 Riders newsletter article:

Welcome to Spring folks. There is a lot of rides being scheduled obviously, so check in at the Post’s bulletin board for updates. Hopefully we can get a calendar on the Riders portion of the website too, to help folks keep track. There really are too many to list here, but the important, time critical ones are Memorial Day (line up at the community cabin at 8:30am) and our Benefit Run. The route for the Benefit Run is pretty close to being set and finalized. Food is another matter altogether. We are struggling to come up with a plan. To cater, or not to cater. Costs per plate. Lots to consider. Donations for the raffle / door prize items are also needed. Please contact Jerry Johnson, or myself if you have something you’d like to donate.

 The dinner rides, ride calendar, and any events that we hear of are posted and are voluntary. They are also open for your friends to join (beverages you need to sign in for at the Post) and other groups like the MOB or PGR riders. The more, the merrier. These fun runs are a great way to meet and greet others that enjoy bikes, and share common interests. Spread the word, grab a neighbor, let’s roll into one of these places and take the joint over!! Show them what model bikers can be like, and they’ll invite us back…hopefully…okay, maybe we just get some chuckles from scaring the $#$% out of the locals because they don’t realize we are just a bunch of middle to older aged riders who’s only killing in recent memory was the bugs on the ride up to their restaurant.

 Safe riding to all. A case in point, just ask Randy or Sheila Ingraham. They are two of our members involved in a “T-Bone” down South, and are now back home courtesy of their son flying down to drive them and their rig home. No broken bones thank the Lord. And I’m sure each of us has their own stories. Just keep your head on a swivel folks. Never assume “THEY” see you. We want your company for a long time.


Tom Plaska