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Commanders Call

Commander's Challenge

Brothers & Sisters,

We have a great opportunity to help those who are in need here in Rockford by assisting with the mobile pantries and other outreach programs on a regular basis.  I encourage each of you to experience the wonderful gift of helping others, if you can't help with your time, please consider a donation to the mobile pantry or to the Post itself so we can continue and expand our service work.

One thing you can do to help us save time and money is to pay your dues promptly, this saves an enormous amount of time as well as postage.

Though the war in Iraq has been called "over", our sons and daughters still fight in Afghanistan and elsewhere around the world.  These troops need our support, our encouragement and our prayers.  There are many programs for the troops and veterans that I encourage you to support.  Visit and read the "What We Do" and "How We Serve" tabs, I'm confident you will find a program that you would like to support either monetarily, with your time or perhaps get the Post involved.

Another thing you can do to help Vets is to have a recruiting mindset.  The next time you're at Home Depot and a guy pulls up with a Marine Corp sticker on his truck, take a moment to ask him if he belongs to the Legion.  If he says "no" ask him why, then tell him why you joined and let him know about all the great things the Legion does for Vets.  

Before I close, I'd like to encourage you to take advantage of all that we have to offer at the Post, we serve up some great food and entertainment.  We'll be making a number of exciting changes over the next few weeks, so stop by often and refer to the website for updates.

As the Marines say "Semper Fi"

Clyde Sinclair, Past Commander
U.S. Air Force Veteran 1969 - 1972